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Understanding the Healthcare System Workshops

This Peer-Led Patient Advocacy Program is about empowering patients to use their right of autonomy in the healthcare system. It includes:

  • Health Literacy 
  • Educating Patients and Caregivers about their Patient Rights 
  • How to Stand up for Yourself and be Heard and the ePatient Movement 
  • How to Find Credible Information Online
  • Where to Get Help, Signposting to all available Resources

Following research in 2018, 2019 and 2022, including focus groups with patients and health care organizations in California and Northern Ireland, in February 2022, Human Health Project (Northern Ireland), implemented a peer-led pilot patient advocacy online workshop program, titled “Understanding the Healthcare System in Northern Ireland” with funding from the Community Fund and the Halifax Foundation.. The pilot concluded in May 2022 with very good patient outcomes.

We are now  working on relaunching the program in Northern Ireland in 2023 with in person workshops as well as online workshops.

In parallel with this, Human Health Project in California is working on launching “Understanding the Healthcare System Workshops in California” in 2023.

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Our other three programs are

Understanding the Healthcare System in Northern Ireland Workshops

Human Health Project (HHP) is now accepting registrations for our workshops.

Would you like to be heard, learn how to navigate the healthcare system, and find essential information to empower you to take action and ownership of your care plan?

Would you like to be an ePatient or caregiver who is proactive and uses technological tools to seek information about your health? If the answer is YES, do not wait any longer!

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Partnering with HHP

As part of HHP’s philosophy of collaboration, we are committed to partnering with local community health groups and associations to support quality improvements in healthcare, better population health and lower costs for all stakeholders. At HHP, we are excited to work with partners in this new program by promoting the sharing of best practices and allowing the dissemination of information and data worldwide.

HHP works in partnership to deliver patient advocacy training and case management which can be stand alone or integrated with the other elements of HHP IMPACT, Real-World Data and Learning Academy. HHP provides Advocacy Training and a Case Management System which included feedback and monitoring and outcomes and impact data.

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Real-World Data

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